7 Years of CTEMF

Event Marketing
Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Now in its seventh year, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival has become a cultural institution with an unusually diverse, vigorously loyal following. From day one the lines blurred between CTEMF and MADE Agency. The festival is an opportunity for us to apply the breadth of our services, to extend design into experience, to innovate across channels and to sell tickets while creating a brand the city has grown to love.

United Through Music

Spread over 3 days, CTEMF delivers an eclectic mix of electronic genres, which in turn attracts a diverse mix of people from different scenes and social circles around the city. The result is a cultural gathering unlike any festival in the country. Fans are rewarded with a meticulously curated program of legends, newcomers and always a touch of the unexpected.

Committed to Social Innovation

The festival is driven by a desire to play an integral role in the culture it serves. CTEMF Connect has grown from an idea to uplift local artists, into a fully fledged NGO that runs workshops and ambassador programs. Future stars are hand-picked from dozens of up-and-coming DJs and producers, and over the weeks leading up to the festival are mentored by industry experts. MADE Agency donates design, media production and strategy consultation to each ambassador with the aim of dramatically improving their chances of success.

A Labour of Love

Few projects afford as wide a breadth of work as this. Spread over 7 years we’ve evolved the brand, found innovative ways of extending the visual language online and into event environments. We’ve built interactive experiences, designed apparel and executed street level guerilla marketing alongside national TV commercials. The process was the genesis of our own experience department, and a confirmation of our ability to deliver on truly integrated advertising.

The Results
With MADE as a partner, the festival has grown from strength to strength, building a loyal army of followers and making a lasting mark on the South African electronic music landscape for years to come