Capitec Live Better

Integrated Campaign

Capitec wanted to connect with the South African youth market and earn brand affinity in this particularly hard to reach customer segment. To do this they needed an authentic way to engage South African youth culture that would be welcomed without the stigma that is too often associated with corporate intervention. MADE conceived a strategy that saw Capitec collaborate with credible players in the music industry to produce a multifaceted campaign spanning film, music and influencer marketing.

Making a Hit

We enlisted the help of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and Red Bull to identify three rising stars in the music industry. Mission: Create a track that would communicate the banks new brand positioning and secure a place on South African radio waves.

Earning Radio Play

Getting a track played on radio is not something you can simply pay for. To start, you need a great track. We made three just to be sure, then pressed them to vinyl and delivered drops to influential radio DJ’s around the country.

Telling the Artist’s Story

Capitec’s new positioning was supported with a new brand line ‘Live Better’. We produced 3 web documentaries exploring the lives and motivations of our artists, each adapting the ‘Live Better’ sentiment into their own narratives in their own unique ways.

The Results
Radio play was our key measure of success with over 50 million impressions to date, and tracks still heard on air almost a year later.