Shopstar Relaunch


Shopstar is an e-commerce platform that allows South African Entrepreneurs to set up shop online with no technical, digital or e-commerce experience. The company had spent years laying technical foundations, but needed a Growth partner to catapult them to mass-market success.

Our initial engagement saw us reposition Shopstar with an exhaustive brand strategy exercise and a resultant rebranding.

Armed with a brand new positioning, fresh CI, and a growth marketing partnership focused on the rapid acquisition of new users, Shopstar was ready to take on South Africa and the world. However, in a highly competitive market we needed to define what makes Shopstar different.

Where most e-commerce platforms give entrepreneurs all the tools they need, then get out of their way, the Shopstar user appreciated the support. And because, unlike competitors, Shopstar is local, and based where customers are - we can claim something no competitor can: a true person-to-person service. It’s this truth that spearheaded our approach and informed our vision: To launch a local software company that prioritises the human touch. To build businesses together, with South African Entrepreneurs

We kicked off the relaunch with a brand new look and feel to bring the refreshed brand to life. The unique CI developed was approachable and friendly, communicating with simplicity and ease, and evoking delight - but more importantly, speaking a language that South Africans could identify with. Because our personal and one-on-one service is underpinned by being local, our integrated launch campaign speaks to people like only a local brand can: showing uniquely South African characters, situations and nuances.

The launch was supported by an acquisition strategy aimed at rapid growth. One that allowed us to determine the most efficient traction channels for scaling the Shopstar user base through agile experimentation and testing, driven by performance media and optimised marketing platforms.

The Results
Since launching we’ve increased trial sign-ups for Shopstar by 148% - and it’s only the beginning.